Base Ideas for Modern Glass Coffee Table

Modern glass coffee table is a great option to improve a room décor. The glass surface will effectively bring smooth, clean and shiny look on the table so that it is perfect to make the furniture designs sleek, casual and simple. Besides, the glass surfaced coffee table is also the right choice to get more elegant and formal designs.

To make the coffee table looks more awesome with customized-look designed, you need to prepare it carefully and also a little creativity. Find some creative idea and material choosing including the using of recycled materials.

Using a Couple of Cinder Blocks
Two cinder blocks combined with a glass plate will become a great work of modern glass coffee table. It will bring the sense of modern industrial style into the living room or family room of your home. The heavy cement blocks can be gotten from demolition and construction sites salvaging or buy them at the repair centers and home remodeling stores. To make the glass surface stay safely on the top of the table, you can place some suction cups or non-skid grips made from rubber on the cinder blocks’ tops. Then you have created the simple but stylish and useful coffee table.

Pillar Table Bases
Using pillars to make coffee table base is another great idea to make the living room with more formal look. The pillars can be easily found at craft centers, department stores as well as at the home improvement stores. To make the coffee table totally looks customized, you need to buy unfinished or white pillars at a ceramics store. Then you can paint the pillars in any favorite colors of yours.

The pillars are available in different sizes; choose the best height for coffee table creating. In the same way, place a glass top by applying some suction cups between the glass and the pillars. Then the modern glass coffee table is ready to use.

Photo Gallery of Base Ideas for Modern Glass Coffee Table

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